Lisa Michelle Jones


my passion is having a passion. whether it be for a TV show that makes me laugh, or a part of town that makes me feel like i belong, or a moment of connection with a friend, or romance, or flirtation, i find that life must yearn for that spark. i don't like being bored or unengaged. i'd rather dislike something than to feel nothing. i've been taking photos for 4 years with my Canon PowerShot. i love this site because until now i just used Flickr which is fine but doesn't seem to get the traffic i desire. if you like my pics, one or 10, please contact me. I am jobless (as of Aug 2009) so I am open to freelance opportunities. a man i'm dating calls me his "ball of energy" and it's true I'm manic most of the time, for I'm usually UP UP UP. the good part of that is that i'm fun to be around and always on the go and ready for adventure but the downside is that i never get good sleep.
thanks for viewing my pics. i appreciate it so much. NAMASTE.


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